Tiny Warriors

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Maya’s Tiny Warriors is going on a tour from November 20, 2023, to December 8, 2023!

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Maya’s Tiny Warriors

An Immunology Book for Kids

On the first day of school, Maya wakes up with a terrible flu. As she sneezes, coughs, and burns up with a fever, she can’t quite understand why she is sick. And why isn’t she getting better?

Thankfully for her, there are tiny warriors in her body that are battling for her well-being. Follow these warriors as they fight to keep Maya safe in this epic showdown
between the immune system and the flu.

For ages 4-8, this book is perfect for young kids learning how their body works. By accompanying Maya’s warriors in their journey, readers will better understand their
immune systems and illnesses.

Available Now

Maya's Tiny Warriors is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient!

This award-winning book is a perfect way to introduce immunology to children and anyone interested in science!

Manasi Vegesna

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What people said about my books

Every child can relate to the feeling of getting sick, but even adults struggle to explain what is happening when we are sick. Through the lens of one child’s relatable experience, we learn about the basics of the immune system with familiar words and colorful characters. This book is a great way for young readers to learn about how our bodies fight disease, information which will lead us towards greater public understanding of immunity.

Jessica Lancaster, PhD

Assistant Professor of Immunology, Mayo Clinic

Manasi is a gifted science communicator with a passion for storytelling. Maya’s Tiny Warriors teaches children about the amazing work their immune system does to defend their bodies against illness in a simplified way. I will be reading this book to my daughter as she grows, so that she can better understand a critical aspect of how her body functions. It’s never too early to learn the basics of the immune system!

Kayleigh Ingersoll Omdahl

Immunology PhD Candidate at Harvard

Maya’s Tiny Warriors is a delightful tale of one girl’s battle with the flu. The story is insightful and accessible to children to help them understand how their immune system works in fighting off illness. With accuracy and clarity, children are sure to come away with a new understanding of how their bodies work to help keep them healthy.

Courtney Black

Project Manager at the International Space Station National Laboratory